Work with Panus

Miss. Nittaya Seipui

Sales consultant for Bangkok and surrounding areas

"Quality work Starting from happy work, the company has provided a lot of experience and knowledge that has made Mam grow and have many works as she is today."

Miss Chaninan Thapla (Jane)

Mobility Project Coordinator

I am glad to be a part of this company. I love to learn and develop our potential and abilities at all times. I have the opportunity to learn and show my abilities in new arenas. Which gives an impression of their participation in those achievements.

Mr.Teeraphat Arayawong (Hob)

Supervisor, EV Planning and Production

“I am glad to be a part of the company. It has been challenging and has good experiences and learn new things all the time.”

Miss Sudarat Mongkolpit (Ink)

“I feel comfortable while working and learn new things all the time. I like the culture of straightforward communication. I admire companies that push their employees to progress together.”

Mr. Siam NonPho (Num)

Assistance Manager

“ My working life started here..." I have studied and learned got a lot of trust and help from people here. It makes me feel that this place is like a homey. I am proud to be a part of “PANUS”