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With over 50 years of experience, Panus was established in Phanat Nikhom District, Chonburi Province  which is 100 kilometers far from Bangkok. The objective of our company is to produce the high quality standard transportation machineries such as truck chassis, trailers chassis and vehicles chassis which are related to the high quality transportation services. With the increased capacity and experiences in coordination of a highly motivated, creative and inspirational engineers whose designed and manufactured over 400 models. Our company has grown to be the one of the largest trailer and semitrailer manufacturer in Thailand. We are still expanding our product line which include military trucks, moving machineries, and machineries for the aviation of industry. Moreover, we have expanded our service to cover a wide range of domestic and international zones. Our ultimate goal is to provide the most efficient solutions for the transportation and logistics for our clients with the international standard quality.
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Apart from Panas Assemble Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and developer of high quality products for the high level advantage to the customers, we also understand that customers still need the "service" of our products. Customer can trust our “good service”, which comes from our “mind service”. From our services, customer will achieve an enormous business assistance. Therefore, "Panus Assemble" has set the policy of services to cover and respond promptly to the customers.



A leader in technology and innovation for more than 50 years of the foundation of Phanus Assemble Co., Ltd. The company was established in Thailand to lead innovation in technology with the continuous novelty of new truck body in Thailand. With a commitment to satisfying our customers with high quality vehicles and the best value for their customers, the Panamas Assemblies Limited, never stopped to develop new things.

​PANUS sends every joy and smile.

​PANUS sends every joy and smile.

The happiness of the child is through the blessing of the mother.  Hino Motors Sales Co., Ltd., in cooperation with Panam Assemblies Co., Ltd. I went to Khong Khong district, Bueng Kan, and supported the playground equipments’, sports equipments’ and launched to see the smile. We are happy with it.



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The used cars are in hundreds. Almost all are PANUS tail. I like the service of the company. It did not disappoint me and is expected to be expanded. The order is always. The car continues to belong to Panat again as well.


Our clients
Feedback from our customers
I like the design of the car very much. The car looks stylish and attractive. Especially, the colors used is fine quality with shinning color. It is easy to clean, durable and works well.

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