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Model : PS3-SF1250M

Technical Information

Width :
2,550 mm.
Lemgth :
12,550 mm.
Height :
1,550 mm.


It is the vehicle having the floor for general cargo.  They are wooden floor and steel floor.It is equipped with a twist lock for loading containers sized 20 ', 40' and other industrial loads such as steel rolls, pallets, cement bags, etc.

• A 1- meter sized tool box is designed for more storage.
• Each of 18 towers has a height of 1 meter to accommodate a variety of applications.
• The floor structure is strong because of the longitudinal steel to increase the strength of the floor.
• A 7-plug-in outlet is used in accordance with the rules of the Department of Land Transport.
• Modern machinery is used to produce parts to get the quality parts
• The engineers designed it with the program ‘Finite Elelment’ for the structural strength analysis.
• Use a sandblastin process to clean the steel surface for rust free and long-lasting color.
• LED taillights use the new light technology with durability, high brightness and long service life.